Cthulhu Parlour Sounds of Madness ""Compilation"

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"Thanks a lot for your work, it adds a tremendous amount of necessary anguish in our weekly games!"

"We used the Cthulhu Soundscapes: Vol One tonight during our game and that was great! It fits so well to give an extra anguish ambient feeling! Thank you very much for your work, I'm happy to have contributed."

Created by award-winning immersive and interactive theatre/ game designer Olly Mc.

Each track has been designed to give you a rich cinematic environment to make each game you play a darker experience.

Cthulhu Soundscapes: Sounds of Madness "Compilation" is a collection of Twenty tracks taken from the last five Volumes. Each track is 25 minutes long and will enhance your gaming experience.

Tracks included are

Arcane Library (From Vol One)

Arctic Research Station (From Vol Five)

Beyond the Wall of Sleep (From Vol One)

Cool Air (Vol Four)

Ibid (Vol Four)

Rite of Protection (Vol Three)

Society of the Un (Vol Three)

Spiritualist Chamber (Vol Three)

Streets of the Dunwich (Special Vol)

The Challenge From Beyond (Vol Two)

The Evil Clergyman (Vol Two)

The Haunter of the Dark (Vol Four)

The Mine (Vol Five)

The Other Gods (Vol Four)

The Secret Cave (Vol Two)

The Tomb (Vol One)

The Tree (Vol Four)

The Ward (Vol Three)

Train Ride to Sarnath (Vol One)

Under the Pyramids (Vol Two)