Cthulhu Parlour "The Maddening"

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"The Maddening" is the first of a series of stand-alone interactive mystery horror party games. A unique combination of roleplaying, theatre and live action game.

Set in the 1920’s, you are a member of the Society of the Un. A group of foolhardy adventurers, who are dedicated to exploring the mysteries of the Unexplained, the Unexplored and the Unnatural.

The investigators will be tasked with uncovering the disappearance of the son of Sir Charles Bonneville. Events will take your group into such places as Spiritualists seances, asylums, abandoned attics, tombs and even the terrifying trenches of World War One.

This is the only game in the world to start with a real hypnotic induction(optional) to get your players into a mindset that will make the events more real and terrifying than ever before. Each Act and supporting narration has orchestrated soundscape (Nine new soundscapes not found on the Cthulhu Soundscapes Vol 1 & 2) that will further immerse your players like never before.

All players get involved working out puzzles, interviewing characters, performing rituals and solving mysteries. Characters for the players are optional, you can also have players being themselves but transported through time.

This intense tale is to be played in one night and utilises soundscapes, printable props, masks and the hypnotic induction. It’s also designed to be played along with your phone, pad or print.

To Play

The rules are unique and very easy to pick up for those not used to roleplaying.

You will need a room/rooms with enough space for your players (4-20) to sit and allow space for physical movement inside. Get speakers linked to the device holding the narration and soundscapes, turn down the lights and light up the candles. Then you are ready for the tale.

Two players will act as StoryMasters (narrators and character actors) the rest of the players (up to 18) will be the investigators of the game.

The investigators will hear the narration at the start of each new Act, then have to work out what to do and say in response to the new situation presented by the StoryMasters.


“Cthulhu Parlour” rules and setup (PDF) The Maddening adventure (PDF) Printable props and 6 masks, Hypnotic induction MP3, “The Maddening” 9 Act Narrations and Orchestrated Soundscapes (Each MP3 is 25 mins long).