Cthulhu Soundscapes "HELL PACK" Over 24 hours of Horror! Vol One, Two & Three PLUS extras

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"We used the Cthulhu SoundScapes: Vol One tonight during our game and that was great! It fits so well to give an extra anguish ambient feeling! Thank you very much for your work"

Over 24 hours of Cthulhu soundscapes!

66 twenty five minute mp3 dramatic soundscapes to use alongside your horror roleplaying, board-game, LARP or reading experience.

Vol One

Mountain of Madness

The Weirding Woods

Arcane Library

Cabin in the Woods

The Lurking Fear

Unquiet Voyage

The Whisperer in Darkness

City of R'lyeh

The Temple

Train ride to Sarnath

The Hidden Path

Hotel of Hell

The Abandoned Asylum

The Investigators Club

Beyond the Wall of Sleep

Quiet Room

Cliffs of Innsmouth

The Tomb


The Shunned House

Vol Two

The Alchemist

The Beast in the Cave

The Challenge from Beyond

The Crawling Chaos

The Dreams in the Witch House

The Evil Clergyman

The Haunted House

The Horror in the Museum

In the Vault Memory

The Mysterious Ship

Old Bugs

The Rats in the Walls

The Secret Cave

The Street

The Terrible Old Man

The Tree on the Hill

Under the Pyramids

What the Moon Brings

Winged Death

The Dunwich Horror


Vol Three

Absinthe Hallucinations

Archaeological Site

Bonneville Manor Attic

The Mesmerist

Escape the Woods

Le Chevel Blanc

Museum at Night

Rite of Protection

Society of the Un

Spiritualist Chamber

The Aftermath

The Evil

The Professors Lament

The Ritual

The Secret Door

The Trenches Horror

The Underground City

The Ward


Unleashed Horror

The King's Arms

The Deep One

Songs of Cthulhu

The Masquerade

The Ruined Keep

Lost City

Streets of Dunwich

The Deep One (a hypnotic induction)

Sound Effects


Children.. Coming to get you

Children Crying

Children creepy laughing

Child Scared

Dead thing

Group ritual

Group whisper

Large beast

Mad house

Mad man

Mad woman

Ritulist Male

Strange thing

Weird thing

Woman Screams (Featuring Emily Carding of Ghost Stories)