Cthulhu Soundscapes Vol: Four

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Cthulhu Soundscapes Volume Four

Twenty new 25 minute soundscapes for your Cthulhu and horror games. Set in the 1920's Lovecraft setting.

Created by award winning immersive and interactive theatre/ game designer Olly Mc.

Over Eight Hours of atmospheric soundscapes and music designed to use with Cthulhu and other horror, roleplaying, board, live games or just make your life seem like a horror movie!

Each track has been designed to give you a rich filmic environment to make each game you play a darker experience.


The Cats of Ulthar

The Tree


The Quest of Iranon

Ex Oblivion

The Nameless City

The Outsider

The Other Gods


The Hound

The Festival

The Horror at Red Hook


Cool Air

Pickman’s Model

The Silver Key

The Descendant

The very old folk


The Book

The Thing at the Doorstep

Shadow out of Time

Haunter of the Dark