Fantasy Soundscapes Vol Six

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"We used the SoundScapes: Vol One tonight during our game and that was great! It fits so well to give an extra anguish ambient feeling! Thank you very much for your work"

"Already used some of your Cthulhu Soundscapes for an old school Ravenloft setting, thx for your work, me and the players liked them a lot."

Each track is 25 minutes long and is an MP3 digital download. These volumes contain 25 tracks each. You will have over 1100 minutes of new soundscapes.

1. Vampire Lord

2. The Jail

3. Mine shaft

4. Portal of Power

5. Grand Tomb

6. Sword and Flagon Inn

7. Arena

8. Underground stream

9. The Wizards Tower

10. The chasm bridge

11. Lava pool

12. The Black cave

13. Fire imp

14. The Necromancer

15. Gambling den

16. Hall of doors

17. Dwarven forge

18. Wizards Cave

19. Ogre

20. The room

21. Vampire women

22. The Minotaur

23. Underground woodland glade

24. Cave of Bats

25. The Maze