Fantasy Soundscapes Vol Two

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"We used the SoundScapes: Vol One tonight during our game and that was great! It fits so well to give an extra anguish ambient feeling! Thank you very much for your work"

The World of Legend soundscapes have been designed to enhance your roleplaying and board gaming experience.

Each track is 25 minutes long and is an MP3 digital download. The volumes contain 20 tracks each

Vol Two

After the Fight

Crossroads of Choice

Dirty Orcs

Enchanted Oak

Forest at Night

The Minstrels Rest

Pathway to Death

Hall of Traps

Into the Marsh

Lake of Peril

Pirate Port Market

Royal Court

Sword-masters Forge

The Army of the Undead

The Dark King

The Haunted Chamber

The Merchants Keep

The Thieves Den

Troll Bridge