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Hotel Lovecraft enables you to create a terrifying and unsettling experience in the comfort of your own home. Based on the works of the master of cosmic horror H.P. Lovecraft, it blends roleplaying, adventure gamebooks and audio horror theatre into a hybrid entertainment.

In a darkened candlelit room or even over the internet via video chat, you will take your guests on a journey through a world of twisted nightmares and reality-bending encounters.

Each room has its own specially designed soundscape and narration, once entered you will be given four choices, from which you must choose before you are allowed to descend further. The HOST will tell them of the results and elaborate upon the story to bring the players deeper into the adventure.

A player will start on the top floor of “Hotel Lovecraft”. Play or read the Acts in order, before the player can start opening each door to the floor. They must open all but one of the doors on each floor before the lift will allow them to move to the next level. They can if they wish to revisit a floor, once they have activated the lift.

Players will start with full HEALTH and Zero MADNESS. If the players lose all their HEALTH or REALITY points, the game ends for them.

Players will also have the statistics IQ, VIGOUR, REFLEX and ESP.

Setting up

To start, take out the ELEVATOR & EXIT card. Shuffle the rest of the cards, and place the number of cards required for each floor. This can change depending upon the amount of players. Then place the EXIT card inside the Ground floor envelope. The remaining cards will be placed in the Basement envelope.

Lay ACT ONE, the Top Floor, out on your playing surface as pictured, with the Room cards laid face down and the ELEVATOR at the end of the corridor. The other floors envelopes can be set aside for later discovery.

Playing the game

At the start of the game, the HOST will play the first ACT. This will set the scene of the tale. The players then place their marker Key onto the Room they wish to visit. At the same time, they will turn them over revealing which number they have travelled to.

The corresponding Room narration and soundscape will be played for the Guest as they enter. Each Room will have a description of the place and options for the GUEST to choose from. The HOST determines the playing order and will read out the outcomes of the choices made.

Once the player has made their choices they will return back to the corridor before the round is started again. The ELEVATOR will take them to the next ACT and Level, once all but one of the doors have been entered.

While inside the Rooms, the GUESTS will have to work out the best actions to minimise their HEALTH and REALITY loss, while also completing certain tasks that the narrative or their own curiosity may give them.