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Enter a world of folklore fantasy, epic storytelling and mighty magic! Set in the Grimm world of 18th Century dark fairytales. You will make your own treacherous pathway through the wild woodlands, encounter strange mystical creatures and find lost arcane artefacts.

Alone or with friends you must choose a dangerous quest but beware only those with the skill, intelligence and bravery of a hero will survive.

Quick to learn, portable and most importantly really fun. This game is a unique hybrid of Role-playing, board and choose your own adventure book.

Playing is straightforward. Create a character, select a quest, then start revealing your unique map with every turn of a Story Card.

As you make your adventure map, the StoryMaster will give you FOUR choices for every card, These all come from the StoryBook provided, and each one will have its own options and results.

So will you be brave, honest or… evil?


This game can be played solo or with a group of family or friends. You can play co-operatively or against each other, the option is open.

Each player chooses the character Class they would like to play and makes note of the statistics of the Fighting Skill, Magic Craft, Fortune, Health and Gold, on the Adventure sheet provided. Attributes will change throughout the story, make sure they are updated as you go along.

Choose a Quest (there are ten) from the book that you would like to do, read the opening, note the starting Cards and any special rules. You are then ready to play. Follow the options given by the choices in the book as you turn over the cards that create the quest.


Anyone can become the StoryMaster. If you are playing on your own, it will of course be yourself. If there is more than one player, you can either have one person who does not adventure and just reads from the book as the StoryMaster OR you can all play and take turns to read the StoryMasters parts.

When reading the Story Card information from the book, you must try to bring to life each passage and option. You can improvise more detail into the written text, use voices for the creatures and people the players might meet. Feel free to adapt the game for your players, however you MUST keep to the options given but you can expand on the results of the decisions. Unless playing alone, it's more fun if you don’t show the other players the results of their decisions, just read them out.


The game is designed for all ages (7-Adult) and experience to enjoy the game equally. The game is simple to pick up and can be played by novices and role-playing experts alike. It is also possible to have someone who has never role-played before, play and do the StoryMastering within minutes of picking up this game.